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P.O. Box 771053
Cleveland, OH 44107

"What people really need ... 
is a good listening to".     
                        Mary Lou Casey

Sarah Spengler established Grace Partners, LLC after 25 years working in management and leadership roles in the social service, health care, and community development industries.  She has worked with managers and teams on communication issues, succession planning, and strategic sessions and designed interventions for group and individual improvement.  Sarah combines her skills and experience with Accelerated Learning techniques to provide learners with unique opportunities to incorporate concepts for practical application. 

She is a founder and member of the OD Connection,  serves on the Board of the International Alliance for Learning, and is a member of the Cleveland Coach Federation.

Certifications & Credentials:

  • Master of Science in Organization Development from Case Western Reserve University
  • Certified Level 1 Accelerated Learning Practitioner
  • Certified TetraMap Facilitator

Philosophy of Approach:

At Grace Partners we consider our clients to be partners with us in finding the best solutions to learning and change challenges.  We bring together Organization Development principles and practice with Accelerated Learning methods -- a powerful combination.

FAQ:  Why “Grace Partners”?  
  “Grace” is defined as “seemingly effortless beauty of form”, and “a disposition to be generous or helpful” among other definitions.  Both apply to our philosophy.  We try to make challenging work easier – we “facilitate” your hard work.  The other part of our name is “Partners” – by this we mean that we partner with our clients and with colleagues to get the best outcome.  Our work is not done TO you – it is done WITH you, and you gain not only the product, you gain capacity – you grow, so that when you approach a similar problem or issue in the future, you’ll have more skills and knowledge to meet that challenge.
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