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Coaching Services

Coaching is extremely helpful to people who want to explore new alternatives and approaches to enhance their achievements.   Generally professionals seeking coaching are already successful, but have begun to encounter unexpected obstacles or challenges against which their typically successful approaches are not working.  Coaching then becomes a way to “think outside the box” in an effort to find new ways to apply existing talents and skills for new levels of success.

Our approach to coaching includes helping the client inventory the strengths, knowledge, talents, values and personal characteristics that have served them well to date.  Then we identify what is not working and why.  We support the client as they experiment with new approaches that are going to achieve the desired results.  Clients use the coaching process to discuss the results of these trials and to further refine their new approach so it becomes routine for them.   

In the Coaching process, the Coach plays several roles depending on what the client and situation require, including: 

  • Sounding board
  • Cheerleader
  • Devil's advocate
  • Provocative questioner
  • Expert advisor
  • Resource person
  • Learning Facilitator

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow."

- Helen Keller

Grace Partners offers:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Professional Development Coaching

What you can expect from Coaching with Grace Partners:

  • Increased clarity and insight;
  • You’ll exchange old patterns of behavior for new, more effective ones;
  • You can expand your repertoire of responses and increase your confidence with these.

My Coaching Clients say:

"You have been a tremendous source of support and know exactly when to challenge me and ask the right questions to move me along.  The resources you have provided have been immensely helpful and I’ve grown so much professionally under your coaching."          T.L., Nonprofit Associate Director

"My experience with Sarah is that she has an extensive toolkit from which to draw, which she uses creatively and thoughtfully. Throughout my coaching experience, she been very intentional about allowing me to drive the discussion; yet, she has consistently managed to skillfully interpret what she has heard and offer suggestions for understanding the myriad dynamics impacting my decision making process. Several times Sarah has recalled trends in my behavior over extended periods of time, and helped me make critical connections (often independent of her assistance) that have lead to numerous breakthroughs. Her integrity and trustworthiness have been consistently demonstrated in multiple situations that have involved confidential information or sensitive topics. Sarah is a savvy and compassionate colleague who has an easy-going and reassuring style. She gets results and seems to genuinely enjoy my progress. "   M. W., Philanthropy sector   

"I bless you all the time for the new skills that help me not to react and remember to be positive and postively encourage my staff.  Things are going pretty well 6 months after our coaching process. "           C.S., Nonprofit Executive Director 

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