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The TetraMap

What is the TetraMap?

The TetraMap© is a model of human behavior that can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Self-awareness and personal growth
  • Team-building and diversity work
  • Getting groups ready to do challenging work projects
  • Strategic Planning and visioning work
  • Customer Service training

The model emphasizes connection and appreciation of all four behavior “elements” that all of us have some level of skill in.  Using TetraMap as an introductory exercise allows rapid movement into real tasks that teams need to do, using the new vocabulary and insights from the model to enhance communication and understanding. 

The TetraMap correlates beautifully with other well-known models including DiSC, Meyers-Briggs and others, but has some important advantages for clients – ease of understanding being one and relatively low cost being another. 

The TetraMap is relatively new to the U.S., having been developed by New Zealanders Yoshimi and Jon Brett.  The Bretts work out of Aukland in their international corporate consulting practice.  They developed this model after many years of facilitation and consulting work and consulting their own inner voices.

Sarah Spengler has been a Certified TetraMap Facilitator since 2005.

For more information, contact Sarah or visit the TetraMap website:

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"I just want to thank you again for sharing Tetra Maps with our leadership class last week at the retreat.  It REALLY stuck with people!  They were talking about it up to the end of the weekend."    A.D. , Leadership Facilitator

The TetraMap ...
A training tool for better behavior and performance in the workplace.

On a Personal Level
TetraMap is a way of thinking and behaving.  It supports you to value and respect differences in others, take responsibility for change and assess your own impact on others and the world.

At an Organizational Level
TetraMap is a framework to help organizations develop structurally sound, sustainable businesses based on the Tetra-Bottom-Line: Planet-People-Profit-Legacy.

For Senior HR Managers
TetraMap is a refreshing psychometric alternative to help people know themselves and others better within 90 minutes and then work more inter-dependently.

TetraMap is a tool to get people talking and respecting each other quickly. Strategies are created to communicate better at work, home and everywhere in between. The results are transformational.

Sales and Service
TetraMap is an essential tool for sales people to distinguish individual customer needs.

Front Line, On-the-Ground Staff
TetraMap helps you understand why you are the way you are, and why others make you mad or glad.

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